One year after the death of Teori Zavascki, plane crash is still investigated by authorities

The final report of the investigation Cenipa, connected to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), It will be released next Monday (22).
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A year after the crash, at sea in Paraty, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, that killed the minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Teori Zavascki, the causes of the accident are still under investigation.

They opened three research fronts – the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police (PF). The final report of research of the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), connected to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), It will be released next Monday (22), in Brasilia.

The document will be presented by the head of center, Brigadier Frederico Alberto Felipe Marcondes, and the investigator in charge, Colonel Marcelo Moreno.

Generally, the Cenipa investigations point to factors that contributed to the accident and what to do to prevent new cases. "The Cenipa is the organ of the Brazilian Air Force investigating, does not judge. It is not a criminal investigative body. It is a technical body, whose function is to find causes of the accident, including to reduce the possibility of accidents. The report of the Federal Police is more related to criminal legal aspects of research ", said Defense Minister, Raul Jungmann, in an interview to Brazil.

human Error, says PF
No last day 10, the Federal Police said its main line of research points to human error in maneuvering approaching the runway the aircraft in Paraty. The investigation has not been completed.

Raul Jungmann believes that partial information disclosed by PF rule out the attack thesis. "Hope so. In an accident like this, many people made conspiracy theories, it helps, but the final technical report, that is not in the police sphere, on the causes of as it did and why it was with great level of professionalism FAB, through Cenipa, Finally we will have a definitive judgment, not that I'm putting in doubt the Federal Police, far from it", said.

Strong in memory
Even after a year, the images of the accident are still strong in the memory of those who participated in the rescue of bodies and remains of the twin-engined, leading Teori and four people.

The commander of the Grouping of Search and Rescue of the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department, Luciano Sarmento, was the rescue team. He points out that because of the terrible weather conditions, that prevented the firemen helicopter pilot visibility, He had to go with the team to the site by land. The diving team arrived at night in Paraty, e, although it is not common to make redemptions at this time because of poor visibility, work began on the same day, since the sea was calmer.

"The minister's body Teori Zavascki and a lady were the first to be redeemed. The aircraft condition, they were not so tied to hardware. With light equipment, we can remove the two and lead to surface, We put in the boat and headed to the marina. We had located the other bodies, but there was need for more specific equipment employment ".

Withdrawal of victims
At the end of the morning began work for the withdrawal of other victims. It was used equipment that is used in automobile accidents, Cutting fuselage. “This equipment allows us to perform cuts of activities and we did that for most of the morning to rescue the other three bodies”, said.

According to Col., joint work with the Navy to the fluctuation of the aircraft debris allowed the parts were preserved for research into the causes of the accident. "We had the worry of where to cut [the fuselage] and avoid as much damage to the aircraft already had. We always had this care ".

Despite having worked in various bailouts and large number of victims in search over 20 years in the corporation, Sarmento account that the rescue was a milestone in his career and the responsibility was great because of the position occupied by Teori at that time in the country. "As a Brazilian and in order to accomplish the mission, I felt very honored to participate in this mission and have had the opportunity to give the family [provided that] able to bury their loved one ".

The journalist and president of the Commercial Association of Paraty, Anderson Terra, It was one of the first to report the crash of a plane in the region. Once I learned of the accident, He took a boat at the pier and went to a nearby crash site. Until then, I did not know who was the Beechcraft.

Land even published a video of the arrival of the Port Authority staff to the site for the British network BBC communication, one of the most important in the world.

"The area in which the accident occurred to the pier takes less than 10 minutes and the spread of the accident was very fast. There, I took the boat at the pier and went to see. Getting there is that I was told it was the Teori Zavascki, because even, So, I knew only the aircraft that we knew ", said. "I was late there and they [Rescuers] They began to isolate the area and just got my boat on the spot ", he added.

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