UniNorte makes college entrance and offers 400 scholarships for all courses

All the 50 courses UniNorte, including law, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, They are to offer scholarships. Veja como fazer para concorrer
11/01/2018 15h26 - Updated 11/01/2018 15h26
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A UniNorte, university center member of the Laureate International Universities Network, is offering 400 scholarship, between full and partial, the entrance exam which performs Saturday (13). All the 50 courses UniNorte, including law, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, They are to offer scholarships.

Registration for the entrance exam UniNorte are free and must be made on site www.uninorte.com.br/vestibular/. At the end of registration, applicants are informed of the test site. The vestibular UniNorte starts at 14h.

The grants provided by the institution are for the best placed in the vestibular. The details about the bags supply system can be obtained by calling 4020-4892.

Startup Day
Before the vestibular, candidates can participate in the "Startup Day", event that the UniNorte presents the main innovations in the area of ​​entrepreneurship and technology. The event is sponsored by the industry Incubator UniNorte Empreende.

Durante o “Startup Day”, the UniNorte Careers sector staff will also be present,receiving the resumes of candidates who are looking for opportunities in the labor market. The "Startup Day" will be from 11 am, the unit 11, located in Igarapé street Manaus, 211, Center.

Event participants will have the opportunity to meet the operation and the companies that are part of the Incubator UniNorte Empreende. And may, also, take recyclables, to be exchanged on the stand of the Incubator, for bonuses that can be used in some commercial establishments. On the website of UniNorte have the list of recyclable materials that are being received.

With the "Startup Day", the university center wants to show the participants the importance of entrepreneurship and technology as essential tools for the development of new ideas. no event, audience can watch fast lectures on topics such as "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem", "Design for Small Business" and "Choose a profession, and now?”. Admission is free.

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