Kitty in Lula's defense has raised over 70 thousand reais

collective funding was raised by a PT convicted of improper conduct in 2016 by TRF4.
08/01/2018 14h45 - Updated 9/01/2018 17h34
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A "kitty" trims collect donations for an event in support of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has raised 79.000 real. The goal of the collective funding organized by the Popular Front Brazil (FBP) of Rio Grande do Sul is that 300.000 Real are donated for holding an event in Porto Alegre. The acts are scheduled paras the days 22, 23 e 24 with the presence of artists, lawyers and activists. In this last day, It will be judged by the Lula feature sentenced to nine years in prison by the case of triplex Guaruja by Panel of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4).

The creator of "crowdfunding" is the PT Misiara Oliveira, Santa Maria, which has already been convicted of improper conduct in 2016 the 3rd class of TRF4. According to the federal judge Marga Inge Barth Tessler, if the rapporteur, Misiara "took advantage of their public person's condition" with "fraudulent intent" to indicate an NGO "ghost" to broker the use of public funds for social projects. Misiara was secretary of Social Services in Santa Maria, in 2005, when he indicated Olympe NGO, she founded and chaired by her husband, Marcelo Brettas, to manage a federal grant for a social inclusion project.

Sought since last week, through the assistance of FBP, Misiara not responded to the request of the report to comment on the collective financing and its condemnation. Repudiation of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), points out the chief judge, It states that "improper receipt of funds would result from the payment by coordinating services not actually rendered by the NGO in implementing the subproject Social Inclusion, Since nonexistent record of participation of NGOs in activity on the contract in question, and it was found that the nonprofits who worked in project execution were unaware of the existence of the NGO Olympe, I even have seat, leaving clear that in fact did not exist, functioning as an institution ".

Besides that, the Party site Workers (PT) It is also asking for donations. In a video, the treasurer of the party, Emidio de Souza, calls on militants to donate. Donations may vary 25 a 2.000 real. "What is on trial is not only the citizen Luiz Inacio. What is on trial is the history of Brazil and our belief in a better country. The most important is we make sure that all the money raised in this campaign will be used exclusively on our trip to Porto Alegre. You will be given an account of every penny for all who contribute to our campaign. "

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