Retirees and INSS pensioners have until February to prove life

Who do the lives of proof on time may have your payment blocked.
19/02/2018 12h48 - Updated 19/02/2018 17h36
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and pensioners who have not proven to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) who are alive have until the next day 28 to do the procedure at the bank in which they receive their benefits. Who do the lives of proof on time may have your payment blocked.

Until the last day 8, but of 3 million beneficiaries not yet confirmed the mandatory procedure. According to the INSS, but of 34 million beneficiaries have to look for the bank receiving the benefit and present a photo identification (RG, working papers, national driving license etc.). Some financial institutions are using biometrics technology to perform the procedure in the self-service terminals.

Who can not attend the bank branch due to illness or limited mobility can elect a prosecutor to be registered with the INSS. The proxy must go to a branch of Social Security provided the document signed by the beneficiary and a medical certificate, we issued last 30 days, proving the impossibility of getting out of the beneficiary or contagious disease, besides the prosecutor identification documents and the beneficiary. A model of proxy is available on the INSS page.

Beneficiaries living abroad can also carry proof of life through a registered attorney in the INSS or by living proof document issued by consulate, as well as the specific form of Life Certificate to the INSS, which is available on the websites of the Brazilian Consular Office or institute.

Initially, the deadline for retirees and pensioners do proof of life would end in 31 December 2017, but because of the number of beneficiaries who miss the deadline, period was extended until 28 February 2018.

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