Barroso refutes criticism of Gilmar: 'I do not go palace’

The minister's response was manifestation concerning the statements of Gilmar Mendes colleague.
28/02/2018 16h19 - Updated 1/03/2018 11h50

Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Luís Roberto Barroso, manifested regarding the statements of the Gilmar Mendes colleague on Wednesday. When the journalist Andreia Sadi blog, Mendes made criticism of Barroso.

Mendes said that Barroso "talks a blue streak". "He anticipates trial. He speaks of the suitcase, the wheel. Would have to suspend their own language ", said Mendes.

Wanted by journalist, Barroso said he does not anticipate judgments, does not attend palaces and no exchange friendly messages defendants.

"I never anticipated trial. Or talk about politics. I live for the good and to improve the institutions. I am an independent judge, who wants to help build a better and bigger country. I think the law should be equal for rich and poor, and is not meant to protect friends and enemies chase. Not attend palaces, no exchange friendly messages with defendants and not live to offend people. "

Minister Gilmar Mendes usually meet frequently with President. He dined with Temer late on Tuesday, day the attorney general's office asked for the President to be included in the investigation that clears fee of R $ 10 Odebrecht million to MDB, dinner in Jaburu Palace in 2014, in exchange for benefits to contractor.

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