Bosco Saraiva will have to explain the ALE-AM appear to affect PM squares

Application calling the holder of the SSP, It was presented by Mr Soares Platiny seeing contradictory positioning in action.
22/02/2018 15h58 - Updated 23/02/2018 16h45
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The deputy governor of the state and public security secretary, Bosco Saraiva, Amazon will have to explain to the Legislative Assembly the reasons why the State Government, by Attorney General (Intoxicated), to consider unconstitutional the Law No. 4.044 which legislates about the specials of the squares of the Amazon Military Police. The application calling the holder of the SSP, It was presented to the Presiding Officers of the House, the vice president of the Public Safety Commission, Mr Soares Platiny (THE), on the morning of Thursday (22).

"What we are witnessing is more a throwback! We are in the hands of a governor who thinks govern in the years 90 or perhaps in the years 80. This decision is teleguided, not part of a formed command NCOs ", Soares criticized Platiny.

To Democrat, the positioning of the PGE is contradictory and only complies with the interests of the current government. "This law was built by a committee of squares of the Military Police, which I was part, within the Civil House. The own attorney was present throughout the process, how now, three years later, it comes with an absurd look like this?”, He questioned the parliamentary.

The congressman recalled the importance of the Law for the class, noting that many professionals have suffered persecution and even expulsion threat, for it to become reality. "In 2014 We live a historic moment, where these men and women have an end to decades of contempt. I'm immensely proud to have participated in that moment ", He stressed.

At the initiative, second vice president of the Public Safety Committee of the Legislative Assembly meets the promises of the governor Amazonino Mendes, population of offering quality security. campaign promise used in government propaganda disseminated throughout the state.

"We can not imagine a quality public safety, without the worker who makes, are valued. It's all pretty much the millionaire campaigns government, but in practice it does is hurt of death the civil servant, all areas ", Soares stressed Platiny.

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