Brazil and Colombia discuss impacts of the Venezuelan migration

Brazil is experiencing a complex situation with the coming of Venezuelan citizens to the North.
21/02/2018 18h34 - Updated 22/02/2018 14h32
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Representatives of Brazil and Colombia governments gathered today (21), Itamaraty Palace, to discuss the impacts of increased migration of Venezuelans for the two countries. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aloysio Nunes, countries exchanged experiences and information on how to deepen cooperation to meet this “social emergency ".

"In addition to something permanent, which is cross-border cooperation, we have this emergency issue. It is a very large outbreak of forced migration of Venezuelans come in the course of our countries ", said Brazilian Foreign Minister, in a press statement.

According Aloysio Nunes, the desire of the Latin American countries is that Venezuela rediscover "their way to democracy", with "the free speech of the people at the polls".

According to the Colombian Foreign Minister, Maria Angela Holguin, the two countries want to "keep the doors open" to help the Venezuelans who are migrating in a difficult situation. "This creates a major challenge for countries. We want to give conditions for Venezuelans to live smoothly in our countries ", he said.

Brazil is experiencing a complex situation with the coming of Venezuelan citizens to the North, especially in the state of Roraima. According to estimates of the city of Boa Vista, but of 40 thousand people from the neighboring country came to the city, which corresponds to more than 10% the local population.

On Monday (19), High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, He said he agreed with President Michel Temer to seek support from the international community to help Brazil in response to the situation of Venezuelan immigration to the country after meeting at the presidential palace.

demining Agreement
at the meeting, the Ministers of Defense Brazilian and Colombian, Raul Jungmann, e Luis Carlos Villegas, respectively, They signed a memorandum of understanding for assistance to Colombia in the area of ​​demining (removal operation mines). Colombia suffers from the problem of mines in their territory to have faced over 50 years of conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc). The peace agreement was signed in 2016. The neighboring country is in peace negotiations with another guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (THE N).

The document predicts that Brazil will employ up 15 military instructors of the Armed Forces to exchange knowledge and experience in the removal of explosive devices and mines.

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