Brazilians will have single document from July

Identification National Document can only be downloaded by the citizen once and in one mobile.
12/02/2018 15h51 - Updated 15/02/2018 15h49
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According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), in the first moment, about two thousand servers TSE and the Ministry of Planning will be able to download the National Identification Document application (DAYS) what, later, It will be expanded for use by other staff of the Electoral Justice and gradually to the population.

The DNI can only be downloaded by the citizen once and in one mobile, for security.

You can only download the application and have access to digital DNI who has done the biometric registration in the Electoral Justice.

According to Secretary of TSE Information Technology, Giuseppe Janino, the idea is that after testing in the two entities, the document can be made available to the public from July this year. "Once tested and consolidated the process, checking the security levels, we anticipate with the DNI of the steering committee to implement, make available to the population in July this year ", he said.

voting machine
During the launching ceremony of the DNI, o presidente do TSE, Gilmar Mendes, He highlighted the importance of electronic voting for elections in the country, said it is an important model "success" and stressed that biometrics to the Electoral Court is making was an ancient and necessary demand. "We had a vulnerability that was the question identification", he said.

Gilmar Mendes cited the case of a citizen of Goias who had several titles of voter. "This citizen had 52 voter and did not use titles to vote, but for other practical, common crimes ", he said. according to Gilmar, certainly this situation occurs with the identity card.

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