Candidates may use own resources in the campaigns of elections 2018

There will limit spending on campaigns. In the elections for the post of governor, values ​​ranging from $ 2,8 million to R $ 21 millions, as the number of the state's voters.
14/02/2018 14h53 - Updated 15/02/2018 15h49
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Luciano Nascimento – Agency Brazil

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) published resolution which governs campaign finance mechanisms for elections 2018. According to the text, published on the last day 2 the Electronic Court Gazette, beyond partisan resources and donations from individuals, applicants may use their own resources in campaigns, the so-called self-financing.

"The candidate can use own resources in his campaign to the spending limit established for the position to which competes", says the text of Resolution 23.553, whose rapporteur was the Minister Luiz Fux, or that since day 6 holds the presidency of the TSE.

There will limit spending on campaigns. According to the resolution, in the case of dispute over the Presidency of the Republic, the maximum value with campaign spending will be $ 70 millions. In the elections for the post of governor, values ​​ranging from $ 2,8 million to R $ 21 millions, as the number of the state's voters. To compete for a seat in the Senate, the limits range from $ 2,5 million to R $ 5,6 millions, as the number of the state's voters. For Congressman, the limit is $ 2,5 million and R $ 1 million to the state deputy elections or district.

donations, However, They are limited to 10% of gross income earned by the donor in the year before the election. The applicant's own property may also be donating object. But they can only be used in the election campaign when shown "that has integrated its assets in the period preceding the application for registration of their applications".

The resolution also says that, in addition to the donation or temporary leasing of goods and services, donations may even occur through the internet. In the case of bank donations, must include the CPF donor. Already "financial donations equal to or more than R $ 1.064,10 It may only be made by electronic transfers between bank accounts of the donor and the recipient of the donation. "

The resolution also regulates other news, the possibility of crowdfunding campaign through platforms on the Internet. both, the platform should have prior registration in the Electoral Justice. They will be required, still, the transaction receipt, require labeling, with the full name and social security number of the donor; the value of amounts individually donated, payment and the dates of their donations.

This information should be made available on the Internet, It should be updated instantly every new donation. The data should be sent immediately to the Electoral.

The controversy surrounding the self-financing began in December last year, when Congress overturned the veto of President Michel Temer that released the self-financing without restriction in the campaigns. In this ocasion, parliamentarians understood that this could favor candidates with greater purchasing power.

However, the overthrow occurred less than a year of election, which could give rise to uncertainty and legal dispute. Thereby, TSE fell to edit standard with the rules. The electoral calendar 2018, the court has to 5 March to confirm all standards for elections this year.

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