almost 600 subscribers, Accounts school opens school year with the school president of the TRE

In addition to various authorities, the event was the massive presence servers.
27/02/2018 16h14 - Updated 27/02/2018 16h14
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The School of Public Accounts of the State Court of Auditors (ECP/TCE-AM) It began on Tuesday (27), the school year 2018, with the master class of the President of the Regional Electoral Court (THREE), Yedo Simões de Oliveira, who spoke about the challenges of elections, showing a bit of his experience in the electoral area. In addition to various authorities, the event was the massive presence servers, the jurisdictional state and municipal governments and civil society, almost 600 subscribers.

Speaking at the opening of the school year, the counselor president TEC-AM, Yara Lins dos Santos, He pointed out that the present is full transparency of information and, today, the incessant search for new knowledge becomes mandatory for all public administration. "The accounts of the Court School has offered excellent services, providing quality courses to all servers and jurisdictional. The ECP and its coordinator are to be congratulated ", commented.

General Coordinator of Audit School, Ari Jorge Moutinho Junior adviser thanked the support of the counselor-president Yara Lins dos Santos and collegiate members of the ECP and revealed that major events will be held by the Court of school this biennium, as is the case of a future master for servers, through renowned partnerships in the country and the Federal University of Amazonas, and various courses and symposia directed to jurisdictional.

"For us it is a great satisfaction to reopen the work of the Audit School and still have a person of the suit the judge Yedo Simões, who will speak about the elections. The tone of Accounts School is to contribute, increasingly, with jurisdictional and civil servants. We expect to meet all expectations and play, the best way possible, the pedagogical role of the court of Auditors TEC, completing 8 years this year ", He said Ari Moutinho advisor.

ECP assistance in public administration, says deputy governor
The governor, Bosco Saraiva, He praised the pedagogical work of Audit School, offering solutions and tools, through courses, to correct and resolve barriers in public administration. According to him, ECP guides, qualifies and offers the performance tools fulfilling educational role and not merely punitive with the awareness that needs to act to curb problems.

In his speech, Judge Yedo Simões said he was honored by the invitation to give the opening in such a corporate responsibility event. In his speech, he spoke of his experience in four elections with the TRE-AM and challenges. For him, state institutions need to be strengthened to grow.

"The Court of Auditors has met its educational role through the transfer of knowledge, training and guidance to public servants and jurisdictional ", finished, emphasizing that the Court of Accounts Amazon has a history of integration with public agencies and has worked a lot with the Electoral Court every year.

By the afternoon, He spoke the counsel substitute TEC-AM, Luis Henrique Pereira Mendes, who spoke on Fiscal Responsibility Law. Two other lectures were given teacher Master in Law, Daniel Cardoso Gerhard, and the Federal Police, Pablo Oliva Souza, who spoke to those present, respectively, on "Ethical Vectors public administration: historical, perspective and effectiveness "and on" The role of the Federal Police in the fight against corruption Speaker ".

Talks continue on Wednesday
The opening of the school year the ECP continues on Wednesday (28) it's Thursday (29) with the lectures of the superintendent of the Comptroller General, Mona Liza Ruffeil, which will address on the Access to Information Act and Transparency; Secretary of External Control of the Union's Court of Auditors in Amazonas, Lucy of Fatima Ribeiro Magalhães, that minister about the accountability of public servants towards the TCU; and counsel substitute TEC-AM, Alipio Kings Firmo Son, who will talk, respectively, on the challenges of external control and the Fiscal Responsibility Law, among others.

To control the presence of the participants, who will receive diplomas and complementary hours (in the case of students) the end of the opening event, the Board of Audit School is using, an unprecedented, the badge read by QR Code. By the late morning of Thursday, had already signed up nearly 600 participants, He reported the general director of the ECP, Filipe Valle.

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