Congress passes a bill that approves R $ 30,8 FPM million to the municipalities of Amazonas

The text goes to presidential approval.
21/02/2018 17h51 - Updated 22/02/2018 14h33
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In the joint meeting held late on Tuesday, 20 of February, Congress approved the transfer of Project Financial Aid to Municipalities (AFM) no amount of R $ 2 billion, through the Participation Fund of the Municipalities (FPM). Do total, R$ 30,8 million will be allocated to the Amazonas state coffers. The text goes to presidential approval.

The measure is a result of a joint in Brasilia municipalist, with the participation of the Amazon Association of Municipalities (AAM) and the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM). "This is a result of hard work of all the mayors of Brazil. The appeal is approved at a good time for all our state, where local governments go through several financial difficulties, despite being below expectations ", said the president of AAM, John Campelo.

The transfer of R $ 2 billion is half of what was requested of Financial Support to Municipalities, but will breath before the last crisis facing inside. According to AMA, Manaus is the city of the Amazon that will receive most of the resource, being allocated over R $ 9 million for the capital.

The approval of the AFM was the agenda of various meetings held by the Confederation and the state associations and the parliamentary. Earlier on Tuesday, Local government leaders reminded deputies and senators from the commitment and the importance of the agenda. "One of our priority is that guidelines Financial Aid to Municipalities. We have the support of all for us to vote on this important election for Brazilian Municipalities ", or said President of CNM, Paul Ziulkoski.

The credit aims to enable the determined in Provisional Measure (MP) 815/2017, authorizing the Union to transfer to loved receiving the Participation Fund of the Municipalities (FPM), in exercise 2018, resources for overcoming emergency financial difficulties.

The draft text indicates that is open special credit to the Ministries of Education, Health and Social Development. The bill establishes, still, that the necessary resources for credit opening result from cancellation of budgetary allocations.

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