Mr Platiny requires felling of millionaire wall and contests travel Amazonino

Suspected misuse of state jet surfaced, after a direct adviser to the governor, bear photos in your social networks.
20/02/2018 15h53 - Updated 21/02/2018 19h07
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President of the Municipal Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly, Mr Soares Platiny (THE), ask the demolition of the retaining wall made at the back of the governor Amazonino Mendes home, and that is to do Tarumã lakeshore, West Zone of Manaus, case be proven environmental infeasibility and the use of the government, the services performed in a "suspicious" by workers of MCW Construction and Earthwork LTDA, company that has contracts with the Executive, who are in the order of R $ 20,1 millions.

Parliamentary joined together officers of the House, with applications submitted to the Prior Information Commission (CGL) and the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy Amazon (CREA-AM), demanding to be sent to parliament copies of the contract and the bidding process which resulted in the hiring of the company, to provide services to the Government and Certificate of the registration of Technical Responsibility Note (ART), referring to the work of the wall construction.

The Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (IPAAM), the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the Navy of Brazil and the Court of State Auditors (TCE), They will also be challenged to speak out about the case, Soares emphasized Platiny, during a speech on the morning of Tuesday (20).

"We request government transparency, asking him to send us explanations. In any other state of the federation that would not be minimized, It is an extremely serious. The suspicion is generated, when you are using a government service provider company to put into practice this work, it is undeniable. We have to show to the entire population, the reasons why the environmental agencies not to work barrarem, when we have people struggling years, to achieve the minimum authorization targeting any activity that is, in Union area, how is the case", questioned Platiny Soares.

According to media materials disclosed over the past week, by the Daily Network Communication vehicles (DRC), MCW received, in 2017, R$ 20,1 million from the State Government, via the State Department of Infrastructure (Seinfra), R $ 9,6 millions, or about 50%, after the investiture of Amazonino, no dia 4 October last year.

"Until we clarify all the facts, the government should suspend all payments to the company. They took that risk, from the moment they signed the contract for the performance of services, who could raise a suspicion. I do not accuse, but take into account the popular clamor that has arisen in society ", Soares explained Platiny.

Trips abroad are also contested
Going governor Amazonino Mendes, accompanied by advisers the cities of Lima, no Peru e Santiago no Chile, They are also application targets presented to the Presiding Officers of the Legislative Assembly, by Mr Platiny. The trips that occurred in the period understood the carnival were made in aircraft that provides services to government.

Suspicions of improper use of the jet came to light, after a direct adviser to the governor, bear photos in your social networks. According to the document sent to the State Government, the chief executive will 10 days to submit a detailed report on the result of travel, §2 means as the article 53 the Amazonas State Constitution.

"The State of Amazonas bitter many absurd for misrule, that infringe laws. What is demanded supported the legislation, it was an official trip he will have to inform about the results and how they will bring benefits to the population, that is who pays for these millionaires contracts. And if it was not an official trip, he will have to bear the consequences, returning to the coffers the money used improperly ", Soares said Platiny.

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