Judge Amazon is accused of abuse, for about eight years, the own granddaughter

Rafael Romano teve atuação em casos polêmicos como o do ex-prefeito de Coari, Adail Pinheiro. The complaint was made by the lawyer and mother of the victim, Luciana Pires.
21/02/2018 18h58 - Updated 22/02/2018 12h16
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The former judge of the Amazon Court, Rafael Araujo Romano, He was charged on Wednesday (21), of sexually abusing his own granddaughter, a teenager 15 years old, eight years ago. The complaint was made by the lawyer and mother of the victim, Luciana Pires, who was today in the State Prosecutor (MP-AM) communicating the case.

The mother and whistleblower published the fact in a post made around 16h Wednesday profile on Facebook, which reports that the rapes had been going on since when the girl had 7 years old. Not text, she asks for help and calls the former magistrate "horrible monster".

Rafael Romano took acting in controversial cases involving cases of child sexual exploitation. Was, for example, Rapporteur operation Stockholm, sentenced former mayor of Coari Adail Pinheiro, also for sexual crimes against minors, and about 10 years was the holder of the Childhood and Youth.

Romano was also the author of the vote that led to the conviction of Adail Pinheiro (PRP) to eleven years and ten months in prison for pedophilia, in November 2014.

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