Eletrobras busted supermarket stealing electricity

Após efetuar analise através do seu sistema de monitoramento remoto foi encontrado o supermercado
26/02/2018 14h30 - Updated 26/02/2018 14h30
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Last Friday (23), Eletrobras Amazonas Distribution conducted another inspection action to curb power theft practice. After making analysis through its remote monitoring system found a supermarket located in Silves Avenue, Crespo neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus, with strong indications of irregularities in the measurement. The consumer unit had received technical teams of the concessionaire to inspect the measuring system, but without success. The charge of the premises prevented access to power substation, and whenever Distributor of teams came to inspect, They claimed they were without the key to open the cabin.

The operation aimed to inspect the measurement of the property and had the support of Specialized Police in Combating When Theft Energy, Water, Gas and Telecommunications Services (DECFS) and expert of the Institute of Criminology. After access to the supermarket substation and analysis teams Eletrobras, fraud was detected in the measurement current circuit, specifically in transformers. It was found in three stages a mobile connection cable, called "jumper" that, It is connected to the measurement, reduced the property registration in consumption 95%, characterizing the measurement deviation.

After the irregularities found, opening procedures were adopted Occurrence and inspection Term - TOI, installed hoisting and energy recovery. The injury to the Distribution Eletrobras Amazonas was estimated in R $ 335.584,06. The head of the Supermarket was notified by the police to attend the police station to provide information on illicit act.

It is noteworthy that, comply art. 77 Resolution 414/2010 the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), periodic verification of measuring equipment installed in the consumer unit, It must be made according to criteria established in metrological legislation, and the consumer must ensure free access of inspectors accredited to the places where the equipment is installed (emphasis added).

Eletrobras points out that the fight against energy loss is only possible with the involvement of the whole society. The theft of power and fraud meters are typified as a crime as the Brazilian Penal Code, articles 155 e 171.

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