Companies are notified of outdoor fall on public streets

The billboard was removed from the sidewalk by a team of Semulsp.
20/02/2018 15h40 - Updated 21/02/2018 19h07
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Four installation companies billboards were reported on Tuesday, 20/2, located on Avenida Pedro Teixeira, almost corner with Constantino Nery, about the fall of a piece of advertising on the afternoon of Monday, 19/2, via.

The notification was given by Mills Management Advertising (MACHINE), the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb). The billboard was removed from the sidewalk yesterday same, by a team of the Municipal Public Cleaning (Semulsp). During the occurrence, agents of the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) They acted on via, directing drivers.

To three companies, the notification was to prevent, so do the maintenance and upkeep of the billboards, as envisaged in the Master Plan, no Code of Postures (lei 005/2014), Article 65. Already responsible for the billboard that fell was notified to the reinstallation of the structure within 48 hours, as legislation. Are companies that account for "technical aspects and the mills installation safety, and maintaining ".

According to the analysis Mills Management, the billboard in question fell due to a siding installed behind the structure, which eventually forced the support plate. The Potential Engineering is removing parts of the siding is damaged.

According to the Director of Manaus Plan, licensing of advertising devices is up to the competent municipal body, no case or Implurb.

They are required for the licensing boards or panels, signs, tablets, digital watches, totems, inflatable balloons, banners, paintings in buildings, outdoors, mupi, tracks, posters, banners, streamers, backlights, frontlights, electronic billboards, trestles and the like which counted with messages and advertising images.

They are not considered devices, guaranteed maximum of 2m square: Nameplate activity establishment, when attached to the property facade, without logo, brand, phone, services and other; the names of buildings and condominiums; messages mandated by federal law, state or municipal; indicative banners or posters of cultural events in own building, for museum or theater, they do not exceed 10% the total area of ​​all the facades.

The licensing of devices are made by Mills Management Advertising (MACHINE), no Implurb. Reports may be made to the Disk Order, during business hours, from Monday to Friday, ligand for the 161 do Implurb.

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