Accounts school opens school year, on Tuesday (27), with authorities, jurisdictional and civil servants

The opening of the school year will 24 training hours, in a split schedule in three days.
26/02/2018 14h26 - Updated 26/02/2018 14h26
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The School of Public Accounts of the State of Amazonas Court (TCE-AM) starts, on Tuesday (27), the school year 2018 for the training of servers and public managers. With the presence of various authorities, including the governor Amazonino Mendes, the inaugural lecture will be given by the President of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), Judge Yedo Simões de Oliveira, who will speak about the elections 2018, in his lecture.

The opening of the school year will 24 training hours, in a split schedule in three days (Tuesday, wednesday, thursday), talks with the superintendent of the Comptroller General, Mona Liza Ruffeil, which will address on the Access to Information Act and Transparency; Secretary of External Control of the Union's Court of Auditors in Amazonas, Lucy of Fatima Ribeiro Magalhães, that minister about the accountability of public servants towards the TCU; the Federal Police, Pablo Oliveira, who will speak of the role of PF in Combating Corruption; and board-substitutes TEC-AM, Alipio Firmo Reis Filho and Luiz Henrique Mendes, who will talk, respectively, on the challenges of external control and the Fiscal Responsibility Law, among others.

The target audience of the opening of the school year of ECP marathon are all jurisdictional that are accountable to the TEC, particularly those responsible for the production of reports, civil servants new general, councilors and secretaries, etc..

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