Former mayor of Nhamundá have to return R $ 3 million to public coffers

In management, City Hall did not fulfill several requirements in price record of building materials.
20/02/2018 18h42 - Updated 21/02/2018 19h07
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The board of the Amazon Court (TCE-AM) unanimously decided to disapprove the accounts of the mayor of Nhamundá, Gledson Hadson Paulain Machado, for the year 2015. Former mayor should return to public coffers the amount of R $ 3,3 millions, between fines and scope, the irregularities detected by the ECA technical.

Among the irregularities pointed out by the Hearing Officer Mario de Mello, in collegiate ratified by, is the absence of evidence of several works presented on accountability, among them the urbanization of public roads, the recovery of sidewalks and the construction of a municipal school. Besides that, in management, City Hall did not fulfill several requirements in price record of building materials, and made contract with construction companies not registered with the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (Crea-AM).

The mayor Gledson Machado, Nene known as Machado, You must also pay a fine of R $ 24 thousand for committing serious violation of legal norms and cause unjustified harm to the exchequer.

Also during the meeting of the Full Court, They were also judged irregular accounts to the then president of the Municipal Foundation Events and Touring (Manaustur), Arlindo Junior, regarding the agreement between the foundation and the Association of Samba Schools of the 1st and 2nd group of Manaus (AESGMA).

Staff TEC-AM pointed out the absence of breakdown of prices and services in Agreement Term, the lack of own bank account to transfer budget, among other irregularities. The counselor-rapporteur of the case, Julio Cabral asked for your vote fine of $ 13,1 thousand for the former president of Manaustur, Arlindo Junior and President of AESGMA, Márcio Almino Pimentel, and the return of two of R $ 34 billion to the public coffers.

The accounts of the Mayor of Canutama, Valtemar under the responsibility of Freitas Oliveira, They were also disapproved due to lack of information in the annual statement of accounts, for the financial year 2015. The mayor must pay $ 18 thousand and range from fines.

unlawful agreement
The agreement between the State Department of Education (Seduc) and the Association of Parents, Masters and Community (APMC) State School Adelaide Cabral, in Maués, foi julgado ilegal e a tomada de contas considerada irregular, por não seguir os requisitos básicos de aplicação de convênio. A secretária executiva da Seduc, Calina Mafra Hagge e a presidente da APMC, Claudecy Mendonça, devem pagar multa no valor de R$ 17,5 thousand each, devido à ilegalidade do termo de convênio.

Foram julgadas regulares com ressalvas as contas do ex-secretário da Semad, Gilmar de Oliveira Nascimento, as contas da Câmara Municipal de Codajás e a prestação de contas da Prefeitura Municipal de São Sebastião do Uatumã, todas referentes a 2015.

Um total de quinze recursos foram apreciados na sessão, dentre eles dois referentes a convênios com a Prefeitura de Autazes, cuja provimento foi negado e as multas mantidas. Um dos recursos pedia ao Tribunal para desconsiderar ilegal convênio entre a Prefeitura de Autazes e a Secretaria Estadual de Trabalho e Ação Social (SETRAS), com um total de R$ 114,8 one thousand, entre multa, alcance e glosa.

O outro recurso se refere ao julgamento de irregularidade na prestação de contas de convênio entre a prefeitura de Autazes e a Secretaria de Estado de Planejamento (SEPLAN), com alcance e multa de R$ 114,8 one thousand. Ambos os recursos foram negados as decisões colegiadas mantidas.

Foram apreciados durante a sessão 30 processes, dentre eles sete prestações de contas, três representações, três tomadas de contas especiais e quinze recursos.

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