Former transvestite shocks netizens to post photo showing before and after his conversion

The photo had over 23 mil likes e 16 thousand cometary. Today he is a missionary of an evangelical church and is considered straight.
24/02/2018 14h47 - Updated 26/02/2018 16h55

The Carioca Jeff Cabral made a post on his Facebook page that got a lot of repercussions over 23 mil likes e 16 thousand cometary. He published a photo showing the before and after his transvestite transition to man. Today he is a missionary of an evangelical church and is considered straight.

Along with the religious picture posted the following:
"I know that many are criticizing , to point , laugh . But only those who lived a life as I lived'll understand why today I honor both God .

Were 7 years of homosexuality, prostitution, drugs , 7 years serving the other doctrines, thinking it was happy, but inside I knew I was doing it the wrong way , I had no peace of mind, Peace life, often preferred death because he thought losing my life I would end my empty. I never believed when they said that God could fill my empty , I thought with my own legs I would get far. Money was easy to get , men, drugs , everything was so easy, the world was very easy for me, but and my peace? Who could fill this?

Can be follies for many , but God acted, It took me a worthless life and gave me a value, He showed me his love of my life .. who I was at the company's breadline? What I had to offer him ?

Today God changed my story, I showed that his death that Cruz was to take my sins and bring me a new life , a new chance. What was lost for many , that it was impossible for all , now God has shown that it is possible.

Today I serve a mighty God, that wiped me , I took care , teaches me every day , It shows me every day his love.

Today take the word of God , now I take my testimony where I go for everyone to believe in the impossible, Today God has given me a family, I took the waters for me to die to the world and live for him , Today I live the promises it about my life , Today I am the Son of God !”

Jeff has even a video on youtube reporting the whole story, Look:

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