Revelers a few blocks from Manaus can win free tickets to the VIP area party 'Bye Carnival’

The 200 the 1st revelers of any of the blocks cited in matters that are still with their bracelets can exchange them for tickets.
28/02/2018 16h06 - Updated 1/03/2018 11h50
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It seems that just, but not yet come to an end. The party 'Bye Carnival', will take place on Sunday (11/03) In Manaus, in the Amazon Arena Podium, from 14h and is the official end of the season 2018. Ticket sales start on Wednesday (28) in various sales points of the city. The festival is organized by W92 Creative solutions and production of M1 events.

Owners Vieralves blocks, P10, Axerito, Pump, Manaus Fantasy, of toil, Beauty, Makes me happy, Barbers, sumidas hi and After the bloquinhos, They gathered for the official farewell of the Manaus Carnival. An event news is that 200 the 1st revelers of any of the blocks that are still with their bracelets, cut it, They may exchange them for tickets to the event's VIP area complete with open bar. More information at site and Instagram: @tchaucarnaval.

Among the Post-Carnival party attractions are MC G15, Wanderley Andrade, John Victor & Rodrigo Electric, Banda Cauxi Electrified, Band NASA, Battery University of Rhythm – G.R.E.S. Youth Aparecida Independent, Banda Marrakesh, Adriano Archangel and Banda Hashtag 3. To control the event intervals will have the DJ's Graciano Rebelo, Marcelo Monteiro, Italo Rodrigues.

The entrances to Berth By Nero restaurant cost R $ 120,00 (1Batch No. – STUDENT) and entitled to Open Water Bar, Soda, Beer, leader, Catuaba, Jurupinga and Canana throughout event, VIP area costs $ 80,00 (1Batch No. – STUDENT) and also the right to Open Water Bar, Soda, Beer and vodka from 15h to 20h. Tickets are priced at $ lane 30,00 (1Batch No. – STUDENT).

The reveler can buy tickets in stores iRestore (Para Street and Manauara Shopping), Granada Beach (Amazonas Shopping / Sumaúma / Center), açaizeiro (John Valerio / Vieiralves) or at site

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