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26/02/2018 12h44 - Updated 26/02/2018 12h44
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The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) open selection process for middle level volunteer professionals to provide the temporary military service, for the year 2018. Opportunities are intended for Sergeant function Temporary Aeronautics (QSCOn). In total will be offered 802 vacancies, in various parts of the country. The salary will be $ 3584.00.

Opportunities are intended for board positions, Usher, Cook, Electricity, Electromechanical, electronics, Nursing, Computing, Laboratory, Aircraft Mechanic, Driver, driver Firefighter, Works, Paving, Photographic processes, Audio and Video Production, Radiology, Oral Health and Topografia.Para compete for one of the vacancies, the candidate should have technical course in the respective area.

Besides that, be less than 45 year-old is a requirement to apply for one of the opportunities. To be incorporated into the squad will be declared Third-Sergeants, Table NCO included in the 2nd class Book Called (QSCon), as well as graduates Corps Air Force Reserve.

in the Amazon, slots will be made available in Bethlehem (07 vacancies), St. Louis-Alcantara (02 vacancies), Boa Vista (04 vacancies), Manaus (07 vacancies) and Porto Velho (07 vacancies).

The remaining places will be distributed as follows: Anapolis-GO (07 vacancies), Brasilia / Gama-DF (41 vacancies); Canoes / Porto Alegre-RS (08 vacancies), Curitiba-PR (06 vacancies), Florianopolis-SC (04 vacancies) and Santa Maria-RS (07 vacancies); Natal / RN-Paramirim (09 vacancies), Recife-PE (06 vacancies), Salvador-BA (06 vacancies) s Fortaleza-CE (03 vacancies); Barbacena-MG (03 vacancies), Belo Horizonte / Lagoa Santa / Confins-MG (06 vacancies), Rio de Janeiro - RJ (44 vacancies); Campo Grande, MS (04 vacancies), Guaratingueta-SP (11 vacancies), Pirassununga-SP (09 vacancies), São José dos Campos-SP (13 vacancies) and São Paulo / Guarulhos-SP (27 vacancies).

Registration can be made between days 05 e 23 March 2018, through delivery of Registration Application, according to the model in Annex C and the required documents, provided for in the announcement, as well as, for scoring purposes, the documents necessary for Curriculum Evaluation, set out in the notice.

Contest: aeronautics
organizing banking: FAB
education: technical
Number of vacancies: 802
Remuneration: R$3.584,00
Registrations: between 05 e 23 March 2018
Evidences: resumes

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