Gentili quips report on the Fantastic Gusttavo Lima

"Who Gusttavo think is to think different from the journalist's Fantastic?”
28/02/2018 09h10 - Updated 28/02/2018 16h12
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The presenter and comedian Danilo Gentili used his Twitter to mock the Fantastic story about the political position of the backcountry Gusttavo Lima.


Gusttavo Lima positioned politically and made a posting on her Instagram supporting the Disarmament Statute of Repeal.

"Today in Brazil is only disarmed the good citizen. disarmament Statute of the repeal already ... Our family and our protected homes, Barrett .50 ... Late in the shooting club, thank You brooo”, he wrote Gusttavo, in addition to declaring the vote deputy and presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

It was enough to Globo completely edit the special that would air Sunday, 25, with a pocket show several music singer.

no place, It was shown a matter of 6 minutes where 4 been edited parts of the few songs of the special, and the rest of the time critical to positioning the singer, where he needed even to "explain" to the station.

In sermon tone, the Fantastic tries to make a connection with Gusttavo statement have happened in Florida, USA, with bombings and shootings have occurred on site.

"This interview and musical with Gusttavo Lima were recorded last week, before posting a controversial singer on the Internet ", He says the presenter almost apologizing to the left activists attending the program for displaying content with countryman arms.

After this, presenter says that "the video on the shooting stand was recorded in Florida, where the singer walked with the family "and that this is" the same status that 11 days a student entered a school armed with an AR-15 rifle and killed 17 people."

To end, presenter says that "the manifestation of Gusttavo Lima happened at a time when the country is experiencing a severe public security crisis, the point of Rio de Janeiro have experienced a federal intervention led by the Army. "


In the explanation that he had to give to the program report, Gusttavo reaffirmed its position saying that it is in favor of carrying weapons for good citizen. However, Fantastico did not show the full answer, and the singer even posted the video in full in social networks. Video almost 2 minutes made by singer, where he explained why he defends arms, It was shown only the last seconds, without context.

"People should at least have the right to defend itself, as our government does not do that (…) That our families have the right to protect, since we are so threatened and so played. "

The singer also reported an assault he suffered no 40 days ago and remarked: "It was the worst feeling I could have in my life, this sense of powerlessness. Only someone who has been there knows what I'm talking about. So I'm thinking. Always surrounded by people and assaulted me. Imagine the worker, I often return home late at night. (…) What is the tranquility that I or anyone has when he goes out to work?”

Watch the full video:

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