State government spends more than US $ 4 million in campaign 'Love'

State Communication Secretariat, committed R $ 4.863.396 to pay four advertising agencies.
28/02/2018 15h39 - Updated 1/03/2018 11h50
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The campaign slogan "Love the Public Cause", used in the last election for governor Amazonino Mendes, It was reused by the State Government which committed, via State Communication Secretariat (If with), R$ 4.863.396, to pay four advertising agencies. The data corresponding to values ​​contained in the Transparency Portal.

Together the budgets of companies 1001 Movies, Productions and Events; View 360 Advertising and Integrated Communication; Kintaw Designer Advertising and Mene and Portela match miliconário value.

See the amounts charged by each company:
Mene and Portela: R$ 2.208.860
Kintaw Design and Advertising: R$ 1.345.863
View 360 Advertising and Integrated Communication: R$ 864.330
1001 Movies, Productions and Events: R$ 444.336

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