Government will issue a provisional measure to institute social emergency in Roraima

Jungmann attended today's meeting with Temer and ministers in the presidential palace to discuss the situation in the region.
14/02/2018 15h16 - Updated 15/02/2018 15h49
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Yara Aquino – Agency Brazil

Defense Minister, Raul Jungmann, reported today (14) the government will institute social emergency in Roraima due to the high Venezuelan migration flow, through an interim measure to be issued by President Michel Temer. Jungmann attended today's meeting with Temer and ministers in the presidential palace to discuss the situation in the region.

according Jungmann, the Armed Forces will coordinate all the action from the federal government in Roraima and military personnel to support humanitarian issues will be doubled, passing 100 for 200 men.

The measures will be provided in the provisional measure which will be published from tomorrow (15) it's Friday (16), according to the Minister of Justice, Torquato Garden. "Tomorrow, at most the day after tomorrow, It will be issued a provisional measure on the foundation of social emergency to ensure the means and resources of federal aid ", said. according Torquato, the coordinating committee of the shares will be created with representatives from eight ministries.

Another measure reported by Minister Raul Jungmann was sending a field hospital for the condition with treatment rooms and surgery to give enhanced service in healthcare. The defense minister added that will be set up more checkpoints inside Roraima and will be expanded control of the border in the town of Pacaraima. "Let's not just on the border. We will also put personnel and control inside to make this screening process, I support what is being done ", said.

The Garden Torquato minister explained that the aim of the measures is not to prohibit the entry of Venezuela in Brazil, which would be contrary to international human rights treaties to which the country is a signatory. "It would make a selection as to who is coming and what kind of help each needs. Some need medical help, others are more qualified to get a job ", he explained.

The Minister of Institutional Security Office of the President, Sérgio Etchegoyen, He reported that there is an intelligence working in partnership with other countries to identify migrant flows, the intensity and the result of policies that are adopted. "One of the purposes is to protect our population without neglecting the grave humanitarian tragedy that we have today in our border", disse Etchegoyen.

In addition to the Ministers of Defense, Justice and the Office of Institutional Security of the Presidency, also attended the meeting with President Temer the General Secretariat of the Ministers of the Presidency, Moreira Franco, and the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha. The meeting was closed to the press and the speeches of ministers were announced by the president.

On Monday (12), Fear was in Boa Vista and announced that the government would edit an interim measure to create a group responsible for coordinating issues related to migration of Venezuelans.

To escape the political and economic crisis in Venezuela, daily immigrants enter in Brazil by border Roraima. The city of Boa Vista estimates that about 40 thousand Venezuelans have entered the city. The number corresponds to more than 10% the local population, of about 330 thousand.

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