Government will employ Venezuelan doctors to meet compatriots in Brazil

Observance of border platoons and checkpoints to double, according to the Federal Government. In Boa Vista (RR) there are now over 40 thousand Venezuelans, number representing over 10% the local population.
14/02/2018 15h00 - Updated 16/02/2018 17h44
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Paulo Victor Chagas – Agency Brazil

Redistribution of Venezuelans arriving in Brazil the border to Roraima other states will focus on labor supply for professionals in the neighboring country meet the immigrants themselves. According to the Minister of Justice, Torquato Garden, the idea is to promote a certification from the Brazilian government for health professionals meet "only to Venezuelans".

"The pilot of internalization will start soon. As has been said, 25% immigrants claim to have higher education. The proposal is that the doctors and nurses would act, as they have professional qualifications and legal Venezuela to address Venezuelans. It would be in the context of recognizing in Brazil [to attend] only Venezuelans ", said Garden, referring also to teachers.

The first lines of the program were announced by the minister on Thursday (6) last.

With the goal of providing support to Roraima municipalities that have received large numbers of immigrants due to the political and economic crisis in Venezuela, the federal government also announced that it will double the effective of border platoons and checkpoints.

The detailing was made during the visit of President Michel Temer and other ministers to Boa Vista, state's capital, after stirring up the issue last week, when two arson reached occupied houses by Venezuelan immigrants.

Immigrants traveling in an attempt to escape the serious crisis plaguing the neighboring country, who suffers from widespread shortages of goods and inflation that reaches 700% per year. According to calculations of the Boa Vista City Hall, state's capital, there are now over 40 thousand Venezuelan citizens in the city, number representing over 10% the local population, of about 330 thousand.

According to the Minister of Defense, Raul Jungmann, the relief announced by Temer in the meeting with the local authorities will allow meeting the needs of the situation of "social emergency" in which the state spends. He acknowledged that, although physically the problem occurs in Roraima, responsibilities must be assumed by all the Brazilian government.

Besides doubling the effective, It will set up a "field hospital" in Pacaraima, border town, and new sorting centers will be built by the Armed Forces, which will coordinate all the humanitarian work of the various federal agencies.

"All state structures, including that there are federal, They are dimensioned for a normal situation, which has passed a long time. We live in an emergency ", said General Sergio Etchegoyen, Minister of Institutional Security Office of the President. According to him, “80% of 12 points” with state government's demands are "practically resolved or forwarded".

"Four or three points that remain dependent on analysis of other legal possibilities. But the most pressing, urgent, They are resolved ", disse Etchegoyen.

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