Male fish with jerks sapo stomach and contracts infection

Fisherman used organ of the fish like a glove; he says, despite the infection in the urethra, still want to test more things, like a dead squid.
27/02/2018 15h02 - Updated 27/02/2018 15h02
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A man who masturbated with a fish's stomach ended up in the hospital after the 'paraphernalia' unusual to cause an infection . The Japanese fisherman, had not disclosed the identity, used a web platform to teach others as netizens used the animal's body to give you pleasure, Besides “update them” on what would be the next 'sex toys'.

The boy says he decided to masturbate with fish stomach anglerfish species, also known as fish or fish sapo-fisherman, out of curiosity and be easily accessible, since it works in a traditional fishing Japan.

Care and next tutorials
He describes that, since acquiring the stomach of the animal as a masturbator, adopted several care not to suffer any physical harm. According to the boy, before using the body as a kind of glove that covers your entire hand, usually disinfect it with salt and ethanol to 'get rid' of bacteria.

However, even all the precautions taken by him were enough to prevent an infectious problem. On the same platform that uses to give “sex tips” peculiar, the man told his followers that, after feeling severe pain in the penis, He decided to seek medical help, discovering a urethritis.

According to the newspaper Metro , the diagnosis of the doctors found that the fisherman had an inflammation of the urethra, channel through which urine from the bladder, possibly caused by contact with a parasite during the procedure.

The boy says he is still performing a treatment with antibiotics, in addition to being making continuous use of an ointment-based fat in your genitals, to relieve pain and burning sensation at the time of urination. Despite the disastrous experiment caused the fish's stomach, Japanese ensures that remains curious to test new tools and strange things. He points out that his followers may be unconcerned, and that the next tutorial will be how to masturbate with a dead squid .

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