Justice blocks R $ 1,3 mi former mayor Acre Boca not accountability

Ação foi movida pelo MPF em decorrência de omissão na prestação de contas de recursos repassados pelo governo federal para programas de apoio à educação.
22/02/2018 14h19 - Updated 23/02/2018 16h44
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Given the request of federal prosecutors (MPF) not Amazonas, the Federal Court ordered the blocking of property and assets of the former mayor of Boca do Acre municipality (a 1.500 kilometers from Manaus), Maria das Dores Oliveira Munhoz. As the decision, the total is $ blocked 1.307.647,86, corresponding to the updated amount of funds transferred by the federal government for programs of the National Education Development Fund (fnd), plus fine.

Maria das Dores Oliveira Munhoz is a defendant in action for administrative misconduct filed by the MPF no accountability of the amounts transferred to the National School Feeding Program (PNAE) and the National Support Program for School Transportation (PNAT), through ENDF, during his tenure, between the years 2011 e 2012. Despite being aware of the legal obligation of accountability, as annexes to share documents, It stated that even having been notified the defendant was omitted three times and did not present any document to control bodies.

The total amount of undeclared is $ 870.285,95, money intended for obtaining quality school transport for pupils of basic education, rural residents, and for the purchase of food during the school year in Boca do Acre municipality.

In the action improper conduct, beyond the preliminary injunction blocking goods, MPF seeks an order that the former mayor to the sanctions provided for in item I of article 12 of Law 8.429/92, between them, the loss of goods or assets plus the assets illicitly, full compensation of damages, the loss of public office and the suspension of political rights.

After initial analysis, Justice granted the request of the MPF blocking property and assets, whereas there is strong evidence of the practice of administrative act of misconduct, offense with the legal rules and principles of public administration. The action follows pending before the 1st Federal Court under number 1002582-95.2017.4.01.3200.

In March 2017, MPF filed a criminal case against Maria das Dores Oliveira Munhoz of the same facts, based on Decree Law 201/67, blaming municipal managers when there is no evidence of regular use of public funds transferred by the government. The penalty for this crime ranges from two to 12 years in prison.

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