Justice determines lock R $ 525 thousand in assets of former mayor of Autazes

He is accused of misuse of federal funds destinas the expansion of a health clinic in the Amazon within the municipality.
19/02/2018 18h03 - Updated 20/02/2018 15h54
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The Federal Court ordered the blocking of R $ 525 thousand in property and assets in bank accounts of the former mayor of Autazes (a 113 kilometers from Manaus) Raimundo Sampaio Wanderlan Penalber, in action of administrative misconduct filed by federal prosecutors (MPF). He is accused of misuse of federal funds destinas the expansion of a health clinic in the Amazon within the municipality.

The decision recognizes the existence of "very strong evidence of the practice of administrative act of misconduct" by the former mayor, since it was found by the Ministry of Health, in situ inspection in, the expansion works of the Health Center Ana Dias were even initiated, despite the completion of two transfers of funds from the National Health Fund to the municipality, in June 2012 and January 2013, for this purpose.

As the action of impropriety, during his tenure as mayor of Autazes, Raimundo Sampaio moved erratically R $ 114,4 thousand passed through the National Health Fund to the specific account of the Municipal Health Fund (FMS). Research has shown that the budget, passed specifically to expand the health post Ana Dias, It was transferred improperly to accounts of the City and diverted to make various payments.

The lawsuit points out that the former mayor made two irregularities: irregular movement of funds from the Public Health System (THEIR) for non-specific bank account agreement; and use the money for purposes other than the construction of health post, purpose for which it was intended.

According to the court's decision, the total amount to be locked to ensure full compensation of the damage is $ 525,6 one thousand, which corresponds to the updated value of the total diverted by the former mayor (R$ 175,2 one thousand) plus reasonable sum to cover possible application of civil fine, whose amount can reach up to twice the amount of damage.

The action follows pending before the 1st Federal Court under number 1002386-28.2017.4.01.3200.

responsibility for crime
The MPF also criminally denounced the former mayor of Autazes based on the same facts, in criminal lawsuit filed in November 2017 the Justice. He will answer for practicing responsible for crime more than once, which could increase the sentence for any conviction. The penalty provided for each commission of the crime is two to 12 years in prison. The complaint also seeks an order of Raimundo Sampaio to repair the damage caused to public coffers, no amount of R $ 175.227,60, duly corrected to the date of enforcement of the award.

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