More of 10 Amazon deputies vote in favor of the opinion that extinguishes promotions on PM squares

A Lei foi fruto de um movimento liderado entre outras pessoas pelo deputado Platiny Soares que, in season, It was movement interlocutor for promoting squares.
21/02/2018 18h14 - Updated 22/02/2018 14h32
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Ten state legislators voted for the Amazon in favor of the opinion of the Amazonas State Attorney General (Intoxicated-general), that considered unconstitutional the Law 4044, Special promotions to squares of the Military Police of the State (PM-AM). Approved in 2014 the state parliament's opinion was sent to the General Command of the AM-AM and angry the corporate leaders.

With a score of 12×11, government veto Law No. 325/2015, that changed the 28 for 35 year age limit Join the Police and Fire State Military, It was maintained in the Amazon legislature. The vote came on the morning of Wednesday (21), in plenary marked by clashes between the author of matter, Mr Soares Platiny (THE) and government base.

Even the most votes being in favor of Law, the veto remained because according to Article 95 the Internal Rules of the House, It needed the support of an absolute majority, that is, 13 of 24 parliamentarians should vote no, the veto.

The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr David Almeida, positioned contrary to the opinion and he said he will meet with the leaders of the military police so you can open a dialogue with the General Command and the state government and he review the opinion of PGE-AM. "It was a right won by the category four years ago and a sudden the Attorney General decided that the military police no longer had that right. It's the kind of thing that is unacceptable and we will work in order to maintain the validity of the law ", he said.

Learn how MPs voted: Orlando City (SIM by veto); Sidney Milk (SIM by veto); Wanderley Dallas (SIM by veto); adjuto Afonso (SIM by veto); Augusto Ferraz (SIM by veto); Belarmino Lins (SIM by veto); Charles Albert (SIM by veto); Dermilson Chagas (SIM by veto); Dr Gomes (SIM by veto); Mário Bastos (SIM by veto); Vicente Lopes (SIM by veto); Ricardo Nicolau (absent).

David Almeida (NOT by veto), Luiz Castro (NO to veto); Abdala Fraxe (NO to veto); Jose Ricardo (NO to veto); Alessandra Campêlo (NO to veto); Joshua Neto (NO to veto); Cabo Maciel (NO to veto); Sheba Kings (NOT by veto); Serafim Correa (NOT by veto); Sinésio fields (NOT by veto), Francisco Souza (NOT by veto).

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