Manaus and Sao Paulo receive in 15 Venezuelans coming days the 1st of Roraima

currently, the group of single men with professional qualifications and desire to stay in Brazil is "quarantine", after being vaccinated against diseases such as measles and yellow fever.
22/02/2018 12h42 - Updated 23/02/2018 16h44
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Marcelo Brandão – Agency Brazil

In some 15 days, the cities of São Paulo and Manaus will receive the first Venezuelans currently housed in Roraima. At this moment, 350 people will leave for Sao Paulo and 180 to the capital of Amazonas. Venezuelans are being vaccinated against measles and diphtheria, and you must wait about two weeks for immunization to take effect.

This was announced yesterday (21) after the first meeting of the emergency assistance committee created by President Michel Temer to address the humanitarian crisis involving refugees Venezuelans. The city of Boa Vista estimates that about 40 thousand Venezuelans have entered the city, fleeing economic and political crisis experienced by the neighboring country. The number corresponds to more than 10% the local population, of about 330 thousand.

According to the deputy head of the Coordination and Monitoring of Staff, Natalia Marcassa de Souza, the committee is working on the possibility of moving the Venezuelans to other states beyond the Amazon and São Paulo.

"We are working with several states. We try to make an assertive way. We combine which already has an initial assistance, shelter; and then where it already has job opening for that person. So, It takes a while to do this. We're crossing the data ".

For those who are still sleeping in the streets of Pacaraima, border with Venezuela, and Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, the government announced the construction of support centers and sorting. Each will have the ability to receive 1,5 thousand people.

"We will build a shelter, where we screening. A shelter in Boa Vista and in Pacaraima. There in Boa Vista, in the plaza Simon Bolivar, is about 1,5 thousand people. We want, immediately, build a shelter so you can do the sorting and see how forward, see what we will do with them ", said the chief minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha.

according to Padilla, there are three different profiles among those coming from Venezuela. The first is those who want to receive food and benefits, as Bolsa Familia - and the Brazilian government include these people in the benefit - and make health care to return later to Venezuela, crossing the border "two, three times a month ". Another profile is people, mostly indigenous population, who want to live in the border region, Roraima. That is, They want to live in Brazil, but do not want to "internalize".

The third profile is made up of people who want to live and work in Brazil. "We have, between unmarried and who came to work, around 40% of the population", said Padilha. He added that, at first, the federal government will invest R $ 70 million in support of Venezuelans. This money is being sent to Roraima in the form of medicines and food.

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