Live holds two targets Lava jet after condemnation of the TRF-4

Leon Vargas, brother of former deputy André Vargas (ex-PT-PR), and Ricardo Hoffman were transferred to the Criminal Medical Complex, from Curitiba.
27/02/2018 14h58 - Updated 27/02/2018 14h58
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro had arrested on Monday, 26, two targets of Operation Lava Jet in penalty execution after conviction by the Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4).

The magistrate authorized the transfer of businessman Leon Vargas, brother of former deputy André Vargas (ex-PT-PR), and the advertising Ricardo Hoffman for Medical Penal Complex, from Curitiba, where are the prisoners of the operation.

"Exhausted the second instance after the trial amendment of judgment against the judgment of infringing, penalties should be executed as expressly provided in damning judgment. It is not for this Court to discuss the order ", Moro noted.

"Agrego just that in the case of serious crimes, including corruption and money laundering, execution after the second-degree conviction it must be otherwise give rise to endless and processes, in practice, impunity for serious criminal conduct. "

The cutting 2nd instance ordered André Vargas, by passive washing and corruption, a 13 years, ten months, and 24 days of confinement in a closed initial scheme. Leon took Jobs, the same crimes, ten years, ten months, and 12 days in a closed initial scheme. Ricardo Hoffman was convicted of bribery and wash 13 years, ten months and twenty-four days of seclusion in closed original scheme.

André Vargas is guarded since April 2015. That is why, Moro had not issue a new arrest warrant.

According to the indictment Lava Jet, former deputy received about R $ 1 million as undue advantage of Richard Hoffman, then leader of Borghi and Lowe advertising agency. André Vargas teria been assisted by Leon Vargas.

"Part of the responsibility for setting the systemic and uncontrolled corruption in Brazil was the ineffectiveness of criminal prosecution for crimes of corruption and laundering in Brazil", said Judge Lava Jet. "So and obeying the Court of Appeal, consigning the Secretariat arrest warrants for provisional enforcement of the sentence of Leon Denis Vargas and Ricardo Ilário Hoffmann. "

The report tried to contact the defense of Leon Vargas and are trying to locate the defenses of André Vargas and Ricardo Hoffman. The space is open to the manifestations.

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