Road works of São Gabriel da Cachoeira have started, says Joshua Neto

According to Parliament, the work is being done on an emergency basis.
26/02/2018 15h19 - Updated 27/02/2018 17h04
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The restoration work of the road Camanaus, in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (a 852 km from Manaus), They are already underway. The work should be completed by the day 15 March. The information is the State Infrastructure Department (Seinfra) and meets the request of the state deputy Joshua Neto (PSD) done, last week, meeting with the executive secretary of the folder, Fernando Elias Gonçalves.

According to Parliament, the work is being done on an emergency basis, through a partnership with the Brazilian Army Seinfra and St. Gabriel's Hall. "We ask the Secretary that these works initiate as soon as possible and we were met. This is the only road linking the port to the headquarters of São Gabriel da Cachoeira and which reaches all the food of the population, products, food, gas, ultimately, everything the community needs, "said.

The work is expected to be delivered within approximately 20 days, weather permitting, according to Seinfra.
Mr Joshua Neto was in São Gabriel da Cachoeira in the last day 15. According to him, the road has suffered an erosion process due to a storm drain that was broken, causing the collapse of 90% from via. "Not small cars, tour, could pass on the road. The city was isolated and it was not possible to carry groceries from the port to the city. Now, God willing and weather help, it will be ready in about two weeks ", said.

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