Buses return to running after a chaotic day standstill in Manaus

The act led to congestion on several roads in the capital.
28/02/2018 15h23 - Updated 1/03/2018 11h50
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

The shutdown of bus public transport started early on Wednesday (28) It was terminated by road around 12:30, when groups that stood in Terminal 1 (T1), Avenida Constantino Nery, Manaus center, re-circulated. The act led to congestion on several roads in the capital.

Segundo o Sinetram, near 200 thousand transit riders were harmed by the strike. Surprised by the act, passengers had to disembark the collective and then walk to destinations. Others crowded the stops from the city center waiting for the bus.

Collective were parked on and off T1. Only one band Av. Constantino Nery was released towards district / Center.

According to the Road 'Union, they protested to be judged the collective bargaining agreement of 2017 by category.

"The Attorney General of the Municipality (PGM) will evaluate the collective damage that the strike caused to residents and should enter indemnity as to disfavor Union of Road Transport Workers Collective ", note says City Hall.

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