PT believe that Lula may be arrested in March

Some PT members do speak on hunger strike, street demonstrations, campaigns on the Internet.
19/02/2018 17h46 - Updated 19/02/2018 17h46
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While twist to the Supreme Court (STF) grant habeas corpus in favor of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, PT close to the former president discuss what to do if the top leader of the party to go to prison. PT members estimate that, if consummated, Lula's arrest should take place in March.

The debate has not yet been formally put to deliberation of party bodies, but a small group of leaders, parliamentary, former ministers and social movement leaders have talked about what actions can be put in place while Lula is in prison.

Discussions range from the electoral strategy in case of Lula impediment to street protests, campaigns on the Internet and even the former president's behavior in jail. According to a next PT of Lula, the former president will not recognize "morally" the sentence to 12 years and 1 month in prison imposed by the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4), It should not be a docile prisoner and "going to work".

Some PT members do speak on hunger strike, but closest aides of former President Lula never guarantee that he considered the idea. He spent six days without food when he was arrested in 1980, during the military dictatorship, for leading a standstill 41 days of metallurgical ABC. But in 2005, when he was president, Lula criticized this form of protest when Bishop Luiz Flavio Cappio did a hunger strike against the transposition of the São Francisco River. "Hunger strike is haze of his own body", said Lula, at the time.

Some initiatives have been taken in absentia of former President. On 1 February the Popular Front Brazil (FBP), formed by about 200 social movements linked to the PT and the PCdoB, approved the Landless Movement proposal (MST) for holding a camp in front of the PT's house, in São Bernardo, starting tomorrow. The goal would be to embarrass the Federal Police or even, on the edge, prevent the fulfillment of a possible arrest warrant. Lula was not consulted and members of the leadership of the Front think unlikely that the proposal be put into practice.

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