Petrobras announces changes in the price of the dissemination of petrol and diesel

The national average considers spot prices, free of charge, practiced in many retail outlets nationwide.
19/02/2018 12h54 - Updated 19/02/2018 18h04
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To give more transparency to the final price of the fuel composition, since today (19) Petrobras starts to disclose the average price of a liter of petrol and diesel at refineries and terminals in Brazil, not including taxes. The values ​​will be available in State website.

With the increase expected to come into force tomorrow (20), the average price of a liter of gasoline, marketed by the company, will be R $ 1,5148 and the liter of diesel will be the R $ 1,7369. The national average considers spot prices, free of charge, practiced in many retail outlets nationwide.

As the law guarantees the freedom to market prices, the price revisions made by Petrobras may or may not be reflected in the final price to the consumer, according to the transfers made by other members of the fuel chain and derivatives.

According to data released by the National Petroleum Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the average price of gasoline in October 2016, when it adopted the new Petrobras' pricing policy, It was R $ 3,69 per liter. In February 2018, He had risen to R $ 4,23 liter, a variation of 54 cents. According to Petrobras, adjustments made by the company account for 9 cent of the total.

In the case of diesel, the average price in October 2016 It was R $ 3,05 per liter and is now at $ 3,40. The variation 35 cents, adjustments made by Petrobras account for 12 cents.

The State points out that did not change the pricing policy for diesel and gasoline. "The prices of derivatives are linked to international markets and can change daily, like other commodities, example soy, wheat and steel. According to international prices, there may be maintenance, reduction or increase in prices at the refineries ", Petrobras says the note.

cooking gas
The Petrobras site now also report the average value of residential LPG, sold by the state to distributors who do the filling in cooking gas canister. currently, the average price without taxes equivalent to R $ 23,16 By bottled 13 kg.

A review of the residential LPG pricing policy was made in January, to reduce the volatility of product prices.

"The revision changed the frequency of monthly adjustments to quarterly and introduced a compensation mechanism for the differences between the amounts that would be charged by the previous policy and those adopted by the current methodology, that, therefore, negatively impact the company's results. The reference remains the price of butane and propane sold in the European market increased by 5% margin ".

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