susam calls 49 approved in competition 2014 for examinations and delivery of documents

The decree authorizing the convening of 428 classified in the contract 2014 the Susam has been published. In the coming days will be announced tenders with calls from others summoned.
17/02/2018 16h06 - Updated 19/02/2018 13h46
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Approved in the contest of the State Health Department (Sesame) from 2014, called to positions in the agency's headquarters, In Manaus, should arrange medical expertise in 1st period 31 March, same date for the delivery of documentation.

Scheduling the Medical Board Amazonas State Expert should be done over the Internet (click here for schedule). The information is in the Call Notice No. 001/2018, published in the last day 9 the Official State Gazette (DOE) (Click here to access the edital).

After this procedure, the candidate must attend for delivery of medical examinations (see the list at the end of the matter), the scheduled date, at the following address: Manaus Igarapé street, s/nº, Quadra 3, Residential Park Manaus, in the old building where the headquarters of PROSAMIM, in downtown.

A medical examination is the first step in the necessary procedures for the possession candidates called. According to the notice, upon receipt of the Award, issued by the Medical Board, the qualified candidate must attend, from 1 to 30 March, from 8h to 14h, the Department of Human Resource Management of the State Health Department (DGRH / SESAME).

The department is in Susam headquarters, the avenue André Araújo, 701, Aleixo, South-Central Zone of Manaus. nonlocal, the applicant must submit the necessary documentation for ownership (see list at the end of the matter).

The candidate who called not present at the site and within the deadlines set in the notice will be considered dropouts, implying the final disposal of the contest. Fulfilled the requirements, You will be given ownership to the candidate.

The DGRH / SUSAM informs that in the coming days each foundation will publish its call notice, with the same guidelines for their respective squad. The deadline for ownership related procedures will be the same (from 1 to 31 March). What will change will be the address for the delivery of documentation, who will be in each unit.

The decree authorizing the convening of 428 classified in the contract 2014 the Susam was signed by Governor Amazonino Mendes, no dia 7 of February. This is the sixth call of the event.

With this call, the Susam has convened 75,69% of 9.346 candidates who managed to score enough to rank in the contest. According to DGRH, the number of called now reaches 7.301. this call, the Susam prioritized approved for six health foundations, that will 379 summoned.

The state Secretary of Health, Francisco Deodato, points out that new calls will be held, according to the need and the available budget agency. The contest is valid until April 2019.

The 6th call the Department of Health public tender called 79 approved for the State of Amazonas Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon), 73 for Adriano Jorge Hospital Foundation (FHAJ), 101 for the Hospital Foundation of Hematology of the Amazon (FHemoam), 25 for Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Hector Vieira Golden (FMT-HVD), 80 for Alfredo da Matta Foundation (fuam), 21 for Surveillance in Amazonas Foundation Health (FVS) e 49 for a Susam.

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