TCE-AM and MPF sign agreement to exchange information

O acordo prevê acessos a sistemas e o cruzamento de dados ou provas, in addition to the exchange of experiences between the two bodies.
23/02/2018 15h10 - Updated 24/02/2018 16h10
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The president of the Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, signed on Friday (23) a Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Court and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). The agreement provides for the exchange of information in administration, civil, environmental and electoral; access to systems and the exchange of data or evidence, in addition to the exchange of experiences between the two bodies.

Signed also by the head of the Attorney Republic in Amazonas State, Edmilson da Costa Barreiros Jr., the agreement will help the organs in the trial of cases involving public officials Amazon, committing irregularities with state and federal grants.

The agreement will allow, for example, that the ECA, in their accompanying side dishes of expenses of the state government and municipal, notify the MPF, immediately, whether there were anomalies with the use of federal funds as soon as detected, exchanging, like this, information with each other.

The agreement also formalises a practice already carried out by the ECA, which is to notify the MPF on the irregularities detected with federal funds after the trials accountability and sending of public officials related to disapproved accounts in the last five years, among other items.

"This document will be a way to shorten our exchange of information in administration, civil, environmental and electoral ", said the chief prosecutor of the MPF, Edmilson da Costa. "These are areas where the institutions have common interests and tools help to make a more effective and expeditious work", completed.

To carry out the coordination agreement, TCE-AM and the MPF designate servers that will be responsible for that function. It will be the coordination and forward solve administrative issues that arise in the next two years, duration of the agreement, from the signature date, It may be extended or altered.

Aiming to give more flexibility to the processes, the term according determines that communications between parties are carried out, preferably electronically, through the official e-mails of two bodies.

"It's a breakthrough us to have this cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors", said the counselor-president Yara Lins dos Santos, to emphasize that the signature is important for the Court of Auditors to "strengthen relations with the MPF, giving the necessary information they need and also getting the information they need, for thus function smoothly. Following what determines the Transparency Law ".

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