Fear wants to attract voters Bolsonaro, Lula says about intervention in Rio

PT believes that intervention may be also a “Show” created by the government to disguise the defeat of the pension reform in the House.
21/02/2018 19h15 - Updated 21/02/2018 19h15
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) He criticized the federal intervention adopted by Temer government to control public security in Rio de Janeiro. Besides that, the PT said that this may be one of President Michel Temer strategy (MDB) - in a possible re-election bid - to attract voters from Mr Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) for him.

“I think Temer is finding a way to be a candidate for president. And he found that public safety can be a very important thing for him to catch the niche voters Bolsonaro”, Lula said in an interview with Radio Itatiaia, on the morning of Wednesday (21).

Besides that, the former president denounced the intervention may be also a “Show” created to disguise the defeat of the Pension Reform in the House of Representatives.
“Temer know what took the welfare reform agenda was not him or intervention, It was Datafolha poll which showed that MPs would not vote to approve the Welfare”, contextualized.

“They thought about creating another show, and then created the intervention in Rio, passing to society the idea that now the problems will end. And will not”, said PT.

During a interview, The former president also said, in your opinion, to solve the problem of violence in Rio, We need to think about public policies that guarantee education, the quality of life and employment for the population.

“If the state is not present public policy in the poorest places, It is in Rio de Janeiro or anywhere, violence appears more often”, scored.

military preparation
The former president said he is worried about the agenda of the federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro because “this is a topic that touches all Brazilians, especially with the poorest”.

For him, Army military is not prepared to deal with the bad guy from the slums, which is involved in drug trafficking. According to PT, Rio's streets are no place for military.

“My concern is that the army is not prepared to face drug trafficking and to deal with bandit in slum. He is prepared to defend national sovereignty against potential external enemies”, said. “When you put the army in a task of this, without preparing it, what can happen is that, after the show, the result is negative”, Lula said.

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