'Fear stole much, but my speech he will not steal ', says Bolsonaro

According to Deputy, federal intervention decreed by Temer will not be effective and it is just "politics".
22/02/2018 14h30 - Updated 22/02/2018 16h03
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Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) he called “policy” intervention in public security of the federal government in Rio de Janeiro. The placement was made on a video posted on his Twitter profile, early on Tuesday, 20. Despite having voted in favor of the decree that approved the intervention early on Tuesday, Bolsonaro was critical as, especially when asked by a caller if he thinks President Michel Temer is “trying to steal his speech”.

“Fear has stolen much here, but my speech he will not steal, no”, said. “It is a political intervention that he is doing. He is now sitting, there do not know where, calm, lying. If it works, I'll hope it works out, his glory. If you go wrong, plays responsibility in the lap of the Armed Forces”, completed.

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no video, Bolsonaro also said that, “if President”, His purpose would be “quite different” and defended a kind of “legal rear” for agents from firing on suspected criminals in operations. “What we need in Rio de Janeiro, now, It is that these men will be in this operation, after the fulfillment of any operation, if someone will shoot down, answer, but do not be punishment for them”, said.

According to Deputy, the measure is likely to be palliative. “Will last for 20, 30 days and then everything back to normal again”, predicted. Bolsonaro also took to return to defend firearm possession for “good citizen”.

The Presidential Palace said it would not rule on the Member's statements.

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