Alderman Alvaro Campelo alloy for general commander PM, during blitz, to challenge fine

On the rebound, Álvaro Campelo recorded a video and distributed on social networks accusing the police of trying to extort him.
19/02/2018 13h39 - Updated 20/02/2018 15h54
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

Councilman Manaus Álvaro Campelo (PP) He was involved in a controversy this weekend to be addressed in a blitz military police, in the east of Manaus. His car was stopped in front of the entrance to the university campus of the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), Crowned in the neighborhood, and the police fined him because his wife was traveling in the back seat without a seatbelt.

To be addressed, he called the commanding general of the Military Police, Colonel David Brandão, to complain about the PM's planking, he identifies as "Lieutenant Monteiro". At this moment, one of the officers who participated in the blitz filmed the link and discusses with Campelo. The video was released on social networks, watering negative repercussions parliamentary.

The General Command of the Military Police informs that the councilor was fined for breach of Article 167 the Brazilian Traffic Code. The auto TD0004485 infraction was issued electronically to Saturday Night 20h24 (17/02), Operation of Ratchet during Blitz, held by the military police on Avenida General Rodrigo Otavio. The operation is focused on the supervision of the public transport bus, focusing on prevention of robberies.

On the rebound, Álvaro Campelo recorded a video and distributed on social networks accusing the police of trying to extort him. In councilman version, his wife was seat belt, but pulled out at the time of approach because their son was startled by the high police voice, and she went to get a bottle to give the child.

"He took advantage of the situation and said: It will be fined because she is without five security, but we can solve this situation ", Campelo says in the video, signaling that the military tried to extort him.

In the video recorded by the police, Alderman does not speak in extortion, only complains about the approach of "Lieutenant Miller" and says he was "full of moral". Then, military asks for Alderman tell the commander who drove his car over him, I was on a motorcycle. The two argue and says the other is lying.

The truth about the police approach

I share with you now the truth of the facts about the episode of the police approach.

Posted by Álvaro Campelo on Sunday, February 18, 2018

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