Cap of R $ 700 million state at City Hall is unquestionable and has to be paid, says Serafim

A dívida é fruto da partilha manipulada do Imposto sobre Circulação de Mercadorias em favor de Coari entre os anos de 2004 a 2008.
21/03/2018 12h51 - Updated 22/03/2018 15h30
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Mr Serafim Correa (PSB), in a speech during the small hours in the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM), He urged the State Government to pay the debt of R $ 700 million to Manaus Prefecture, fruit of sharing manipulated Tax on Goods in favor of Coari between the years 2004 a 2008.

Payment for the million dollar debt is not foreseen in the Budget Law this year, second he admitted the Secretary of Finance (Sefaz), Alfredo Paes, visiting the ALE-AM in November 2017 to address the financial situation of the state. to Serafim, it is time the state governor, Amazonino Mendes, leave "vanities" aside and open dialogue with the mayor of Manaus, Artur Neto, who this week, a news conference, He charged the head of the executive power.

"Manaus suffered a lot of 2005 a 2008 this feature has been removed by the governor of the time, now a senator, Eduardo Braga, that an agreement with the then mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro, He did it against the people of Manaus. Now is the time to return the money the state, the debt is unquestionable. And my suggestion is that the governor let your vanity aside, call the mayor of Manaus to talk – and here it is irrelevant whether he likes or dislikes the mayor, to find a way that debt be paid ", evaluated Serafim.

The deputy noted that the holder of Sefaz, Alfredo Paes, even promised in 24 November last year, it would take the matter to be discussed with the governor Amazonino, and would give a return to the legislature - but 100 days have not done.

"But the people of Manaus demands a solution, that's the word - required. Secretary Alfredo Paes, for whom I have deep respect, He said on 24 November I would talk to the governor and then give an answer, December has passed, janeiro, February and is ending the month of March and had no response, then it can not be forgotten, so I am recalling this fact and charging ", observed the Parliamentary.

The leader of the House Legislative PSB lamented during speech, in plenary, the manifestation of the State Prosecutor (MP-AM) on the process. “(An MP-AM) I said the same thing Pilate - "bring a basin of water and a white towel and I wash my hands and wipe". That is, they went out of trouble. It is unfortunate that spend R $ 250 million a year with the prosecution to make a cardboard that ", said.

Understand the case
Between the period 24 from May of 2005 a 24 November 2008, the State Government, under the leadership of Senator Eduardo Braga today (MDB), He manipulated the share of VAT in favor of Coari and Manaus disfavor. In 2011, Amazonino presented a Reimbursement action in the Supreme Court. Alfredo Paes, In this ocasion, was Municipal Secretary of Finance. In 2008, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), unanimously, recognized the rights of Manaus. At the time the debt was around R $ 300 millions, but at current rates the deficit hits $ 700 millions.

"Who collected the state in the past was the current governor (Amazonino Mendes), therefore, nothing more logical and rational, now it starts to pay. This can not be forgotten ", It concluded Serafim.

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