Certificate of R $ 50 worth 4 thousand reais can be with you; understand

Lotes em que foram impressas poucas notas pode valer até 400 vezes mais do que seu valor de face para colecionadores de moedas.
19/03/2018 16h16 - Updated 19/03/2018 16h16
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Some real notes worth up to 400 times more than its face value. Is that, for coin collectors, or numismatic, the more scarce is the ballot, that is, the fewer copies with the same characteristics are in circulation, the more it gains value. Remember that even if you have any of these rarities in your home value may vary from buyer to buyer.

This is the case of lots on which were printed a few notes, who end up stamping the signature of the finance minister Rubens Ricupero who was recently in the position or number wrong number, among other oddities. Another factor influencing the price is the conservation of ballot: no state of "flower print" (brand new, without folds and embossed preserved), it is worth more than a note that has passed through several hands. To the misfortune of numismatic, the average life of a note is short: a ballot R $ 2 dura 11 months to be collected by banks.

As Ricupero lasted only five months in office, a note of R $ 50 with his signature and "God be praised" it is rare.

In addition to the signature of the Minister of Finance, all ballot comes with the brand of Central Bank president. When any of them is a short time in office, Persio Arida case, who chaired the BC between January and June 1995, the note is valued. At R $ 50 signed by him, that had just 400 thousand impressions, worth a lot

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