Coari announces R $ 30 million to complete revitalization of road system

Metade dos recursos é da Prefeitura de Coari e a outra parte será investida pelo Governo do Estado. O prefeito Adail Filho declarou que a meta é ter todas as ruas da cidade recuperadas até o final de 2018.
19/03/2018 14h23 - Updated 19/03/2018 14h23
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After a meeting with the governor Amazonino Mendes, the mayor of Coari, Adail Son, announced an investment of R $ 30 million for the revitalization of the entire road system of the city. the amount, R$ 15 million will be invested by the state government and the other half with municipality's own resources.

Adail said the goal is that all the city's streets have been recovered by the end of the year 2018. "The governor has a lot of goodwill with our city and with coarienses. With the release of state resources, more our, we will accelerate the most of the works for the population to receive completely revitalized roads as quickly as possible, since the road system is one of the biggest problems Coari ", said Mayor.

To ensure its various infrastructure, especially in the rainy season, the city has been developing a series of fill-in paving operations and various areas of the city who still had various clay knocked. At the end of last year, 48 streets were revitalized by the municipal administration.

Also according to Adail Son, beyond the city paving, the funds will be used to replace street lighting across the city, which will be done with LED lamps. The measure ensures savings of up to 80% and more light to public places.

"This is a project we try to develop since the beginning of management and now will come true", concluded the Mayor.

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