Magistrate creates new channel to facilitate allegations of unlawful police acts

Most cases can be reported anonymously. direct victims of acts of violence and other crimes must witness the prosecution.
12/03/2018 13h43 - Updated 13/03/2018 15h19
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Magistrate General of the Amazon Public Security System created another channel for complaints of unlawful acts of police Civil, military, Fire Department and the servers of the State Traffic Department (DMV-AM). From now on, Reports may be made, also, the instant messaging application Whatsapp, by the number (92) 98227-5900.

With ten years of experience, the Internal Affairs investigates misconduct of employees of the public security system. Most cases can be reported anonymously. direct victims of acts of violence and other crimes must witness the prosecution. "The whole process is rigorous and aims to clarify the cases and, if applicable, administratively punish those who commit any illegal act ", highlights the corregedora General of the State, delegated Íris Trevisan.

For complaints, We need to present evidence and indications of irregularities in the server behavior. The corregedora points out that most of the complaints reaching the body has not proven provenance. Situations are motivated by the revolt of people caught in the act and their families with the police work. The processes are determined by forensic tests, in cases of injury to the victim, and direct investigation to servers denounced by irregular acts. In all cases, the victim is guarded by the act of the complaint.

In cases of disciplinary fault servers, the penalties will of suspensions 15 a 90 days to resign. Criminal cases Civil Police are forwarded to the Verification Unit of Unlawful Criminal (UAIP) and the Military Police to the Department of Justice and Discipline (DJD). "There are many procedures that are filed because they have the lowest foundation and that are made by their own thugs to harass the server. Inevitably certain situations end up going by the very activity of the police ", said Trevisan.

Fulfilling the role to investigate and punish bad servers, the agency has expanded the channels for people to make complaints. The measure is a way to ensure quality service instances, since situations of negligence or malpractice are also subject to punishment.

In addition to insertion of the number of Whatsapp, complaints to the Comptroller General of the State Public Security can be made by phone 3652-0793, by e-mail [email protected], and even directly on the internal affairs, who works at the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau, located in Via Norte Shopping, Avenida José Henrique Bento Rodrigues, New city, north of the capital.

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