David critical maneuver the Government to scrap the Cigás

Segundo o parlamentar a indicação do sócio de Amazonino tem como pano de fundo, the desire of the Executive to privatize the company.
13/03/2018 14h25 - Updated 14/03/2018 16h18
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letter marked. With this expression, the president of the Amazonas State Legislature (hazard), Mr David Almeida, He criticized, early on Tuesday (13), the appointment of Samuel Hanan for the presidency of the Board of Directors of State for Gas (Cigás), at the time when the state recorded growth in consumption, mainly as a power generator.

According to Parliament, indicating the businessman – who is a partner of the buffer state governor, Amazonino Mendes – has as a backdrop, the desire of the Executive to privatize the company, just as did, in the past, with the privatization of Cosama and former Amazonas state bank (BEA).

In the assessment of David, the sale of Cigás this time is inappropriate, since Brazil is in the resumption of economic growth process. Today, Amazon holds 51% of the common shares of the company and 17% of preferred shares, which are those that can be sold on the stock exchange.

According to the Brazilian Association of Distributors of Gas Pipeline (Abegás), Amazon is among the states that contributed to the growth rate of natural gas consumption in Brazil, in the month of January 2018. Added industrial use, automotive, commercial and power generation, consumption has grown in the Amazon 28,5% in the first month of the year. Only in power generation, the growing use of natural gas in the Amazon recorded a 28,9%.

David recalled that, in November last year, He anticipated that this appointment would happen. "They want to sell the Amazon people's assets, but this is not the time. We will lose money. This government is cap and can not do it. In a government elected for four years, I can not question long-term policies, now, sell sell, negotiate to negotiate, the wrong time, We do not tolerate, we do not want and will not allow this to happen ", He stressed the president of Aleam.

The deputy said he will make efforts so that this heritage remain with the people of the Amazon ", said. He recalled that privatization is usual in the governments of Amazonino Mendes. "They want to repeat what they did with the Cosama and BEA. The Cigás is a surplus company, and by the way, thermoelectric interior are beginning to transform its energy matrix of diesel for gas. This cap government can not sell our heritage ", concluded.

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