Mr corners Amazonino and shows that have no more excuses not to increase, no minimum, 28% teachers

Governo do Amazonas anunciou um reajuste inferior aos professores, from 8,17%, which caused dissatisfaction class demonstrations.
20/03/2018 13h39 - Updated 21/03/2018 17h17
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Mr Serafim Correa (PSB) He spoke of the need for the salary increase of public school teachers teaching Amazon, which should be 28 %, no minimum, as the resources of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb) exceeding R $ 393 million and were passed on to the State accounts.

"Now, You are required to spend 60% the Fundeb with the salary of teachers, 60% from 47.44 %, which was Fundeb growth in the first two months of 2018, in comparison with the same period last year, the result is 28,46%. This is the number because of the Fundeb ", said the leader of the PSB in the Amazon Legislative Assembly (hazard).

In contrast, the government of Amazonas announced a lower increase for teachers, from 8,17%, which caused dissatisfaction class demonstrations. "The state government announced adjustment only 8,17%, but on trading hours offered paltry 4,57%. This threw more gasoline to light the fire. Besides that, the rationale was that the government could not pay more, because the state broke the limit of the fiscal responsibility law ", said Serafim.

This is not true”, He said the parliamentary highlighting the item 5.24 the National Education Development Fund (fnd) in "Frequently Asked Questions" which says:

5.24 – The obligation to apply the least 60% Fundeb in the teaching of the remuneration is not precluded by the Fiscal Responsibility Law ?

The obligation of states and municipalities intended minimal 60% Fundeb, for teaching the compensation payment purposes, emanates from the Federal Constitution, therefore, away from other infra commandment that contains distinct rule. The Fiscal Responsibility Law, to establish the maximum 54% net current revenue, spending for hedging purposes with staff, It does not establish contradictory mechanism or compromise compliance defined in relation to the use of resources Fundeb. It is legal criteria, which harmonize technically and operationally.

Serafim defended the increase and said the way is to pass the 28% increase. "The resources are already in cash and guarantee payment. That way closes the movement ".

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