Domestic arrested after raping boy 14 years

According to police, the victim was raped at least twice by aggressor.
20/03/2018 15h07 - Updated 20/03/2018 15h07
Photo: Press Release / Civil Police

The maid Elaine Cristina Barros dos Anjos, from 34 years, It was located and arrested in Santos, the coast of São Paulo, after being convicted of raping a teenager, that the crime had time only 14 years. According to police, the victim was raped at least twice by aggressor.

The crime occurred in 2012, but Elaine was wanted since November 2017, after being sentenced to eight years in prison in semi-open regime. A team from the city of General Investigations Police tracked her late on Monday (19), the house where he lived, Morro São Bento.

According to information from Police, at the time of the crime, the victim was a student and lived in a house next door to the maid, then with 28 years. in testimony, he said twice been the residence of Elaine, in a two week interval, when the abuse occurred.

Was the mother of the student who accompanied, after the fact, to the Bureau of Women's Defense to report the facts. The young man said, the first visit, Elaine raised her blouse and asked him to touch her breasts in. After, both kept sexual intercourse without condom.

The case was referred to court, who understood the condemnation of maid. No second semester 2017, the Court confirmed the decision already established by the 4th Civil Court of Santos, determining the arrest of Elaine, It just located four months later.

The maid was sent to the DIG to testify, and then taken to the public jail Women of St. Vincent.

Source: G1

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