British TV crew decides to make a documentary about "if Wallace Souza" in Manaus

Family policy said he will finally be able to tell the truth about the case.
21/03/2018 13h46 - Updated 22/03/2018 15h30
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Near 10 professionals from, cameramen, producers, sonoplastas directors and participating in the capture of images and audios in Manaus, for international documentary that will slightly the trajectory, trial and death of the former state representative Walace Souza.

The mixed team of professionals from Brazil and London, brought a vain packed with sophisticated equipment to illustrate in great detail the case that gained repercussion 2009.

According to the executive director of the documentary, Brazilian naturalized English, Suemay Oram, the case is still very latent in the city and so some people still have difficulty talking about what happened.

"We are treating the case with a lot of responsibility and using various resources to try to tell the details of this case that stirred Amazonian society and international repercussions".

The judge overseeing the trial at the time, Mauro Antony, He revealed during a lecture he gave at the School of Magistrates Amazon- baits, that or "Case" Wallace ", It was the most controversial that participated throughout his career.

"I spent six years of my life being escorted 24 hours per day, because of constant death threats. My sentence had 420 pages and demanded dedication. This undoubtedly was a case that marked the lives of many people ".

For Willace Souza (23), son of former Deputy Wallace Souza, the documentary will be a good opportunity to show the world the true facts.

"The family had little space in the media at the time. There has been much sensational. Already the British press, It has a code of ethics to ensure. My father was the victim of a great injustice practiced by the State. There was a pursuit of the deputy that more fighting corruption. In this documentary, we will finally be able to show our side. "

Francisco Wallace de Souza Cavalcante, Wallace Souza known as, He was accused of running a criminal organization and order the death of Manaus traffickers and drug users to display on your television show.

he died at 51 years in the Hospital Bandeirantes, in Sao Paulo, victim of cardiac arrest, no dia 27 July 2010.

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