Gilmar Mendes and Barroso mouth hit in the Supreme Court; sitting closed

Mendes was critical to several recent decisions of the Supreme, including the "maneuver" that released abortion for pregnant.
21/03/2018 17h41 - Updated 21/03/2018 17h41
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Felipe Pontes – Agency Brazil

Ministers Luís Roberto Barroso and Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), staged new squabble in plenary, with personal insults exchanges. The President of the Court, Minister Carmen Lucia, He had to suspend the session to restore calm.

During trial on the constitutionality or otherwise of hidden donations to election campaigns, Mendes was critical to several recent decisions of the Supreme, including the "maneuver" that released abortion for pregnant within three months of pregnancy, action reported by Barroso.

"Now I'm going to be clever and will get the abortion decision. Preferably three Ministers, that then we get from two to one ", joked Mendes, in reference to the judgment of a habeas corpus, the First Panel, in which the abortion decision was taken.

"Your Excellency let me off that his bad feeling. You are a horrible person, A mixture of wrong with the delay and pinches psychopathy. This has nothing to do with what is being judged ", Barroso reacted, with high voice.

"It's an absurd [what] You will do a rally here, to speak profanity. Your Excellency can not articulate an argument. is looking for. He has offended the president, He has offended the minister Fux, Now you come to me. Life, to Your Excellency, just offend people, You have no idea. None. None!”, Barroso added.

Carmen Lucia then decided to stop the session, but before Gilmar Mendes let out a challenge to the microphone to the Minister Barroso: “you should close your law firm”, said.

This not the first time the two ministers star in a heated squabble in plenary. Both have been placed as antagonists at Court. On the one hand, Barroso stands for a more assertive posture Judicial, which he should fill gaps left by the Legislative and Executive, while it should be stiffer in the criminal context.

Mendes, field in the opposite, It argues that the judiciary should be more careful about the independence between the branches of government, and also that the ministers of the Supreme must observe a greater guarantee of individual rights and due process in criminal cases.

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