Amazonas Governor indicates partner for Cigás council and is criticized

Samuel Assayag Hanan comandou em 2002, the controversial privatization process of Manaus water service, which became known as 'sale of Cosama'.
12/03/2018 14h58 - Updated 13/03/2018 15h19
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The governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Armando Mendes (PDT) He indicated his partner, former deputy governor and former Secretary of Treasury Samuel Assayag Hanan, for the Chairman of the Board of Directors of State for Gas (Cigás), who is going for the second privatization process, that must involve values ​​close to R $ 1 billion and should be criticized is week in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF / AM).

Hanan commanded, the government of Amazonino, in 2002, the controversial privatization process of Manaus water service, which became known as 'sale of Cosama'. According to the document the Board of Trade of São Paulo (Jucesp), Amazonino is partner Hanan in MDS Environmental Consulting and Corporate Ltda., with registered capital of US $ 400 one thousand. They are also business partners Marcelo Falcone Hanan Hanan and Daniel Falcone.

The report tried to listen to the governor, via the State Secretariat for Social Communication (If with), who did not respond on society. The reported Secom, only, there was no government decisions about changes in the direction of Cigás. In December, Hanan integrated, as special advisor of Economy and Finance of the State, the delegation of Amazonino the United States to meet with the former mayor of New York (USA), Rudolph Giuliani.

The deputy, Serafim Correa, claimed that the statement is not correct and that the governor is mixing public with private and said he hoped the public Ministry of State (MPE) “wake of this deep sleep, under penalty of being complicit”.

Another deputy who showed outrage at the nomination was Platiny Soares described the act as 'immoral'. “Acts performed governor Amazonino, today, with the head of which is in the last century, They are completely immoral. They are the same for different actors umanovela”, highlighted.

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