Justice gets angry and will prohibit pastors ask money on TV

Federal prosecutors will investigate buying spaces of churches in TV.
21/03/2018 13h40 - Updated 22/03/2018 15h30
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Macedo, Agenor Duke, Silas Malafaia, Valdemiro Santiago, They may lose their main source of income of their evangelical churches: the television. According to a report signed by journalist Daniel Castro, the 'TV News', Attorney of the Republic Sergio Suiama decided to open an investigation of the schedules that are rented on television open networks, especially in São Paulo, like TV Record, Bandeirantes, TV Gazeta and RedeTV! The Federal Public Ministry now wants to know how to purchase these spaces, if you like programming on channels or pure advertising. The investigation comes after the National Cinema Agency, a Ancine, He said the religious services take longer than the TV news.

The survey is based on own Brazilian Constitution, prohibiting times are rented, understanding that the granting of television is a public service. At worst, research may cause the pastors lose these spaces on TV and are prohibited from asking the much needed supply for the survival of the church. Besides that, the law also ensures that broadcast TV stations can not get over 20% of its total advertising time doing.

Officially, none of the stations cited confesses that sell their schedules for churches. They call these spaces of "co-productions". In this way, they try to keep within the law. But in practice it is not quite a co-production that airs. The own globe, for example, displays a single religious program, the 'Mass' on Sundays. The attraction is the oldest canal and over the years was placed increasingly early.

However, as well as hide the Mass on schedule, Globo actually transmits the live event with your team. And do not get anything for it. On the contrary, It offers to the Catholic church space to advertise religious advertising, as important events igreja.O fact public spaces span schedules of open and closed channels religions end up harming the very viewer.

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